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Peanut Butter Special K Bars

When it comes to recipe inspiration, I often head to my own kitchen first. Whether it’s a specific ingredient that needs to be used up (like milk) or a dish I’m itching to use (like my trifle bowl), I’ll often search for a recipe that centers around one tiny detail.

So when Sun invited me to watch “The Hunger Games” at her place, I didn’t know exactly what I would bring, but I knew it would have marshmallows and Special K cereal in it. As it turns out, I also made some homemade peanut butter. And with a little more than a pat of butter, I created by own recipe.



Question: What do you use as inspiration in the kitchen? Blogs? TV shows? Cravings?

Farmers Market Veggie and Orzo Salad + Skinny Pop Review

I don’t know about you, buy sometimes I just feel totally random – my thoughts, activities, eats…
Oliver, the king of random behaviors

This post is all about the random, but delicious, things I’ve been noshing. First off, I’ve been freezing my own basil with help from Karis’ blog post. This weekend I picked up a heap of fresh basil at the farmers market. And like clockwork, I usually have to throw at least half of it away because I don’t use it in time. Although we do have a dehydrator (shocking, I know!), I’ve never used it to dry herbs. In fact, I’ve only used it once to make fruit leather. opps. But freezing herbs in ice cube trays I can definitely do.

I’ve also discovered the most delicious snack ever. It’s called Skinny Pop and I’m completely obsessed. Thank god the lovely folks over there gave me so many bags because I am tearing through them like a woman on a mission.

With all this running I’ve been doing, I’ve been ravenous most hours of the day. It is hard to find snacks that fill me up without weighing me down or doing damage to my waistline. With only 39 calories a cup, I don’t feel guilty about digging in and eating however much I want (which usually tops off at about 5 cups if I’m really starving). And the only ingredients are all-natural popcorn, sunflower oil and salt.

So far Brenton hasn’t been too interested in this (probably because he is so obsessed with his fat-laden chips and salsa which are always in the house). But before where I would indulge with Brenton, I have a healthier alternative that doesn’t make me feel like I’m giving up something. And believe you me, I will be bringing a Coach tote into the movie theater next time so I can sneak a bag of this in.

Speaking of corn, fresh farmers market corn has been the star in my latest culinary creation – a veggie orzo salad. I also picked up fresh green peppers, banana peppers and tomatoes. Although I’m not into lettuce salads these days, I have been craving “meal-type” salads that are quick to prepare and make for killer leftovers the next day.


Question: Do you sneak snacks into the movie theater? What do you pack? I’ve been known to bring apples, homemade trail mix, Good N’ Plenty and Jelly Belly’s (just not all at once). My friend Sun brought Chex Mix when a bunch of us gals saw Magic Mike and I was pleasantly surprised (maybe because I felt like I wasn’t the only one who did this!)

Disclaimer: Skinny Pop  has given me this product to review. I was not given the product in exchange for a positive review. All opinions are my own.

King Arthur Flour Brown Bag Banana Bars

Happy Friday! If you’re like me, at least some of the weekend is devoted to baking. I find it relaxing and there’s always something tasty to show for it at the end.

This recipe for banana bars is from King Arthur Flour’s 200th Anniversary Cookbook. Their Baker’s Companion Cookbook has been my bible for the past 4 years. But the 200th Anniversary has a bunch of classing and unique recipes. An influx of brown bananas was the perfect excuse to test a new recipe. Plus, I got to use my poppy seeds that have been sitting in my spice cabinet for 3 years.


When do you like to bake? What things do you make? Links welcome!

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Homemade Greek Yogurt

I’ve been into Greek Yogurt for awhile now. My favorite is, by far, Chobani – especially the fruit-on-the-bottom kind. I had no idea if homemade Greek yogurt would be hard to make, which is why I wanted to test it for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s DIY Kitchen. (Find out how the process went by reading the full article here).

This recipe is adapted from one for regular yogurt from “Joy of Cooking.” The original recipe yields 2 cups. However, straining it to make Greek yogurt will leave you with 1 cup of yogurt and 1 cup of whey. (I suggest doubling it, so you’ll have 2 cups of Greek yogurt).


Question: What’s the most off-beat thing you’ve ever made? This definitely takes the cake for me, but I’ve also make homemade fruit roll-ups, homemade peanut butter and homemade granola (a must if you ask me!)

Almondina Review + Giveaway!

Last week, the folks at Almondina contacted me about tying their cookies.

Now, I’m not one to turn down sweets. But what really drew me to this company was the fact that their product was nutritious. In fact, their mission is “to put a delicious healthful cookie on every table.” But would a health cookie taste good?

Actually, it took just one bite of their Bran Treats to convince me. I love how each biscotti-like cookie has big chunks of raisins and almonds. As an added bonus, each 3-cookie serving has only 99 calories, yet 2g fiber and 3g protein. They are also cholesterol-free, have no added salt or fat and have zero preservatives.

Other flavors include Pumpkin Spice, Choconut, Chocolate Cherry. Gingerspice, Cinnaroma, Sesame and Original.

Crunchy and not overly sweet, these cookies would be delicious served alongside tea in the afternoon or even topped with fresh goat cheese for a pre-dinner nibble.


Almondina cookies are sold nationwide, including stores like Trader Joe’s, TJ Maxx and Woodmans.

But I’d like to offer two boxes of these amazing cookies to one lucky reader!

TO ENTER (You have three chances to win!):
1. Leave a comment on this post telling what your favorite cookies is.
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3. Tweet “@ShesOnTheRun is giving away Almondina Cookies!″

The Giveaway is open until Friday, February 10, 2012, when I will choose a random winner. Good luck!

Carbs, Carbs, Carbs

Happy Friday!

I know I haven’t posted in awhile, but life has gotten in the way…like it always does :)

But this time, it’s all good things.

I’ve been working on a few food stories for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. I got to make these to-die-for homemade pretzels for their DIY column (for you King Arthur Flour fans out there, these are their Hot Buttered Pretzels).

I’ll make sure to post the recipe next week, after it prints, for those living outside Wisconsin. But let me tell you this: These pretzels were seriously the most delicious treats I’ve made in months. And unlike many other recipes I’ve made for the paper, I wasn’t super stressed out or yelling at B (which is what usually happens when we are flying around the kitchen and trying to take pictures at the same time). I blame our lack of counter space :)

One of the main reasons I wanted to try pretzels was because B has been making his own bread with the stand mixer.

His latest creation:

Don’t mind the “my bread has a tumor” shape. It still tasted great!

Speaking of baking, I’ve got a pile of ripe bananas that are calling my name on the counter. I may have to try this Heavenly Healthy Banana Bread recipe from King Athur flour.

Question: Have you tackled homemade yeast breads?


Deep Fried Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese

In Wisconsin, we’re known for deep frying everything from fish to candy bars. And if you’ve been to the State Fair, you know that’s only the beginning (deep fried butter, anyone?).

So when we found ourselves with some leftover Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese, I figured why not?

Before this point, I’d never eaten deep fried mac. I got the idea from Brenton (who would indulge in these morsels before class at UW Milwaukee).

Deep Fried Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese

Start by whipping up a batch of baked Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese (adapted from Martha Stewart). Let cool.

Next, place some parchment paper on a baking sheet. Use a biscuit cutter to pack down the mac to create hockey pucks. Place in the freezer overnight. Before frying, defrost slightly.

Preheat the oil in your fryer to 350 degrees. Then make your favorite Beer Batter. Dip each mac and cheese puck in the batter. Shake of excess.

Place in the fryer.

Remove when batter becomes golden brown – about 3 to 4 minutes.

Now, just don’t burn your mouth.

Quick: Favorite deep fried food?


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