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Thursday Things

I haven’t done a Thursday Things post for over two months, but I am feeling it today. Here are some of the latest happenings of Alyshaland.

1. New Gym/Trainer

I tweeted a bit on how I finally switched gyms. Although I’m paying about 2 1/2 times what I did at my old gym, this new one gives me fake money to use however I want. One way to earn cash is by seeing a personal trainer twice (which is free BTW!). I saw a girl a few years younger than me. She has the most charming Kansas accent. Since this was my first time with a trainer, I had no idea what to expect.

Since I’ve struggled with Runner’s Knee in the past, she developed a training plan for me that focuses on hip and core strength. Since I had over $300 in fake money, I decided to use $220 of that for ten 30-minute sessions. I figured I can warm up, cool down and do cardio on my own. So far, I love how she gives me brand-new exercises to do.

2. New Nails

A few weeks ago I introduced you guys to Swanson Vitamins. In addition to using their BioFreeze, I’ve also discovered Biotin. I hadn’t heard about this product until Erica blogged about what types of vitamins she took. I’m so thankful she did. This product has completely changed my nails. They used to be pretty weak and peel a lot (gross, I know!). Since using Biotin, my nails are so much stronger…especially my thumb nails. For some reason I think they are soaking up more of the vitamins. I think I could literally sever someone’s artery with these nails.

3. New Race

I am a pretty loyal follower to the Fox Cities Half Marathon (seeing as how that is the only race I have done besides a 5k for the Make a Wish Foundation). However, Sun convinced me to run the Ice Breaker Indoor Marathon Relay on Saturday, January 19. So far I have 3 people on my team, but we are looking for a fourth. Since we’d be breaking 26.2 miles by 4 people, each person would only have to run 6.5. If you’re interested in joining my team or want more info (and you live in the Milwaukee area), email me at

4. New Snacks

I discovered Carob Supergreens from my local health food store a few months ago. I did not know there was a company that made a plenthora of flavors online. My search led me to Chunks of Energy. Leah, the founder’s daughter, send me some samples…which I gobbled up within about a day.

Although granola bars are my stand-by for a pre-workout snack, I love how Chunks of Energy are small, dense and pack a ton of flavor into such a little bite. My favorite was the cacao with goji berries. Although you can buy these online, I know they were much cheaper in the bulk section of my health food store. You can also find these at Whole Foods.

5. New Kitchen Products

If you’re still interested in some awesome, new Pampered Chef products, my party is still going on. You only have until Oct. 21 to place your order, so don’t wait too long! If you want more info, head on over to my original post about my online party.

Questions: Have you ever seen a personal trainer before? What did you like best about it?

Disclaimer: I was given free products by Swanson Vitamins. I was not given them in exchange for a positive review. All opinions are my own.

Thursday Things

Happy Thursday! Our Internet has been on the fritz which is why I haven’t been able to post since Monday. This happens all the time so we are finally ditching our Time Warner Cable and switching to AT&T U-verse (YAY!!!) Our bill is going to be much cheaper and hopefully we will finally have service.

Here are some things I’ve been up to:

1. I discovered Angry Orchard hard cider when we went to Milwaukee Brew Fest this year. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but I LOVE hard cider so I had to pick up a case when we went to the Pick N’ Save last night.

2. I also found this crazy PB&J vodka from Vincent Van Gogh (who knew!?). I have no idea how you would make a drink out of this, but I thought it was totally unique.

3. Last night for dinner we make these Corn and Scallion Sourdough Pancakes from the King Arthur Flour catalog (they have great recipes in there). Watch our for a post on this soon!

4. Tonight I am getting to work and canning my own pickles with the canning equipment West Bend sent me a few weeks ago. I picked up the cucumbers and dill at the farmers market in downtown Milwaukee yesterday and bought more jars at Target that night. I’m going to make this recipe for sweet pickles below and a batch of garlicky dill pickles from Food in Jars. I really hope this works. Brenton is going to happy hour so I’ll be tackling this one by myself.

5. In addition to switching cable companies, I’m also switching gyms. I’m just not happy where I am now (even though it’s only $19.99/month). The equipment is constantly breaking down (which they don’t fix), and they don’t even have any mats or towels. I haven’t decided 100% where I’m going to go to next, but I did get a class pass at Yama Yoga in Milwaukee. I’ve taken classes there before and they run a legit yoga studio. It’s so industrial yet earthy inside and the teachers are so knowledgeable.

To get started with my practice again, I REALLY want these Astro Pants from Lululemon. I tried them on at their store in the Third Ward last week and they feel like butter. I looked at yoga pants at TJ Maxx a few days later and the quality just doesn’t even compare. Because these are way more than I have ever paid for pants, I really need to think it over before purchasing them. So far, I still REALLY want them and my infatuation with them hasn’t passed.

6. On the workout front, I ran 4.5 miles on the treadmill yesterday morning and my knees felt pretty good. Maybe while my pickles are hanging out in their water bath I can squeeze in some PT exercises, which really help. In fact, I can see the subject for my next vlog now!

Hope you all have a fabulous day!

Question: What are you excited about today?

My favorite Links

It’s been too long since I’ve posted some great links.

Tonight we had leftover Coconut Chicken Curry for dinner. This is one of those super-easy recipes that I can’t wait to make again in the dead of winter (it tasted like the ultimate Indian comfort food). Mmmm.

Paula Deen loves her butter, but it’s not just for eating. Now you can add this ingredient into your beauty routine. Meet Butter Lip Balm. As a copywriter, I definitely appreciate the tagline – Put a Little South in your Mouth!

Whether it’s in a homemade granola bar or an Elvis-inspired PB & banana sandwich, I eat peanut butter almost every day. So I was doubly happy when I stumbled upon this article that gives you 280 recipes that showcase the stuff.

Even Runner’s World agrees that PB is great for runners because it gives you stamina during long workouts and helps speed muscle recovery. I’ll drink (a Peanutini) to that!

Question: What is your favorite thing to do with peanut butter?


This Week’s Links

I find so much inspiration from what others are cooking, discovering and trying that I have to share.

I believe in eating locally, which often costs a little more than grocery store fare. But how much is too much? Would you ever pay $8/dozen eggs? Check out this article on the good food/low prices debate.

Although I do eat meat (I refuse to give up fish and I do fall victim to the occasional cheeseburger – made on the grill, of course), I love making homemade veggie and bean burgers. This article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel goes in-depth on what makes a great veggie burger (no hockey pucks, please) and offers some sensational recipes (like a Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger that I actually got to formally test before the article was printed.) I also learned why vital wheat gluten is so, ah hem, vital in making a great burger.

Speaking of veggie burgers, I recently discovered TVP from Bob’s Red Mill. It stands for Textured Vegetable Protein and it’s made from reduced-fat soy beans. I’ve made two different recipes using TVP and it takes on whatever flavors you are adding to the recipe (on it’s own, it doesn’t taste like much). Amazingly enough, it has 12 grams of protein per serving, which makes it a great alternative on those meat-free days.

And I can’t say it enough, but these cacao nibs from Naviitas Naturals are amazing. i’ve been using them in my Chocolate Cherry Granola and in my Chocolate Banana Overnight Oats.

Question: What have you made with TVP/Cacao Nibs?

Happy Monday!

My Favorite Links – Volume 8

I find so much inspiration from what others are cooking, discovering and trying that I have to share.

I’ve never met one person who doesn’t like Fruit Roll-Ups. Check out this article I wrote for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on how to make your own DIY fruit leather. (The perfect excuse to dust off your old dehydrator)

This weekend we’re going to Appleton, WI for the 25th Annual Best Friends Gourmet Bike Tour. Although the only biking I’ve done this year has been for 30 minutes at the gym, I’ve been running a ton to train for the Fox Cities Half Marathon (so I’m not too worried…except about the sore butt. That I’m definitely worried about!) Oh, and did I mention there’s a party at the end with music and a gourmet spread? Stay tuned for a recap…

During our visit, I can’t wait to go to the Appleton Farmer’s Market. This is the mecca of farmer’s markets. They close off the streets downtown and have over 100 vendors. I especially remember a woman from last year who made her own apple chips.

Question: What are your plans for this weekend?


My Favorite Links – Volume 7

I find so much inspiration from what others are cooking, discovering and trying that I have to share.

I’ve been to French cooking classes at the Milwaukee Public Market, and they are tons of fun (especially with a group of friends). The gals at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reviewed a few others across Milwaukee, and this one at Coquette Cafe looks delicious (and informative).

I love granola. I eat it almost every day (on cereal, yogurt, ice cream or just plain). My friend Sun from Eat. Host. Run. Style. made these no-bake bars that are right up my alley. Not only are they cheaper than store brands, they’re healthier too (especially if you add almonds, wheat germ or dried fruit).

Speaking of oats. The Nutrition Diva discusses which kinds are best in this podcast.

I haven’t been cooking a lot lately because we are in the process of moving. But when we get settled into our new place, I have to make these cocoa roast almonds (they look like a copycat version of the ones Emerald makes).

What are you loving this week?


My Favorite Links – Volume 6

I find so much inspiration from what others are cooking, discovering and trying that I have to share.

I’m obsessed with candy making lately. So much that I wrote a DIY article about them in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Cook’s Candy in West Allis, WI is a great resource for molds, flavorings, colors and all other fixings. Yesterday, I found the cutest button molds at Sur La Table in Bayshore. Next project? Mastering See’s butterscotch lollipops.

Food blogger La Fuji Mama has a wonderful step-by-step guide for homemade chocolate toffee. My dad loves Heath bars, so this would make a tasty and thoughtful Father’s Day gift.

Have you ever made homemade candy/confections? What was your experience?

Have a sweet day,

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